Our Mission: We empower people living with Chronic Lyme and other tick borne illnesses to take control of their health for not only symptom awareness and identification, but also disease treatment, management, and ultimately eradication. 


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Program Services

1.)  Offer extensive symptom identification and mind-body treatments, including psychotherapy.

2.)  Provide awareness and education to schools and clinical communities. 

3.)  Advocate and liaise for access to international medical treatments (not yet offered in the U.S.).  

Our programs and services are available at our center in Arlington, during in-person sessions at the home or in the community, as well as via phone or web.

Meet Sara, our inspiration for launching CreativeChanges4Lyme

“At nine years old Lyme disease crept in and invaded my body - now most days I feel like I am road kill."

- Sara M (2016)